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2018 Show Calendar Thursday Nov 9, 10am

Spring Hunter/Jumper: March 29-April 1 (Venue TBD)
Mother’s Day Classic: May 10-13 (Venue TBD)
Oregon Trail: June 13-17. Wilsonville, OR
Early Summer Classic: June 20-24. Wilsonville, OR. WCHR EVENT
Country Classic Preview: July 5-8. Wilsonville, OR
The Country Classic: July 11-15. Wilsonville, OR
Oregon Summer Classic: August 23-26. Wilsonville, OR
NW Spectacular: August 29-September 2. Wilsonville, OR. WCHR EVENT
And more Bedrock Shows [...]


“The backing of WCHR means that the show must be one of the best in our area and this show is! We would attend it due to the quality even if it was not a WCHR show.”

Comment on the Early Summer Classic.